How do I purchase a course?
You will need to be registered and logged in to make a purchase. Register here if you aren’t already. Once you have registered and are logged in, click on the course and add to the cart, then check out.

Does SmartChoiceCE keep track of my courses?
By creating a login, SmartChoiceCE will track all courses purchased by that user and progress in those courses. This information is available to users on their dashboard. Also on the dashboard is a list of certificates earned, which may be reprinted or downloaded at any time.

What if I can’t access a course I purchased? Please reach out to us using the Support form. Include your name and the course title you are trying to access expedite response time.

Why can’t I fast forward a course video?
To ensure our courses retain approvals from governing bodies (i.e. state boards and PACE), and you are awarded the full (virtual) continuing education units (CEUs) available, courses are administered without the ability to fast forward.

Will I be provided other course materials such as an outline for each course I purchase?
Supplemental materials such as outlines are provided at the discretion of the instructor, and may not be available for each course. 
Are courses available after completion? All purchased courses associated with a user’s login will remain available and can be viewed again after completion from the courses option within a user’s dashboard.

How often are new courses being added to this page?
Currently, there is no scheduled release plan for new courses. Please check back often to see if new courses are available.

What devices am I able to watch the videos on?
After logging into your SmartChoiceCE account, any video/course you have purchased can be watched from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you are having trouble, please fill out a support form and a team member will contact you.

Why is there a specified time limit on completing the course?
Courses with (virtual) continuing education units (CEUs) will have expiration dates from governing bodies (i.e. PACE, state boards, etc.). When an expiration date occurs, that course will no longer be accessible. However, a PDF of the certificate of completion will available in your user dashboard for reference.

When do I receive my certificate for course completion? For courses completed on this site, certificates are available when the course is complete. All courses completed on this site will remain listed on your dashboard. You may access certificates from completed courses at any time.
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